Which Nuts Are Healthiest For Diabetics

Which nuts are best for diabetics? Almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, in particular, are the most vital nuts for diabetics since they boost cardiovascular health. If you are just going to include a few nuts in your diet, pick these. Which nuts reduce blood sugar levels? Almonds were shown to help manage blood sugar levels and … Read more

Why Do They Amputate Toes Diabetes

How long do diabetics survive following amputation of the toe? In one study, it was shown that after an amputation, up to fifty percent of diabetics would die within two years. 11. When should the foot of a diabetic be amputated? There may be tissue damage or death (gangrene), and any infection may extend to … Read more

Which Is WOrse Type1 or Type2 Diabetes

Why is diabetes type 1 more severe? In type 1 diabetes, glucose cannot enter cells because there is no insulin. This causes sugar to accumulate in the circulation. This may result in potentially fatal consequences. What is the worst kind of diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease that typically worsens over time. Changing … Read more

Which Fruits Should Not Be EAten By a Diabetic Patient

What is the finest fruit for diabetics? berries – The American Diabetes Association recommends both citrus and berries as superfoods. cherries. plums. grapefruit. peaches. apples — Rose believes that fruits with a high fiber content, such as apples and pears, aid to reduce a blood sugar surge. pears. kiwi. Which fruit is the safest for … Read more

Who Diabetes Facts

What are five intriguing diabetes facts? Diabetes (or pre-diabetes) may exist undiagnosed. Diabetes that is not under control may impair every part of your health. Diabetes is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke because it may increase blood cholesterol levels. Stress may increase blood glucose levels. What does the World Health Organization … Read more

Which Medicine Is Best For Diabetes 2

Is there a more effective treatment for type 2 diabetes than metformin? Insulin remains the most effective treatment for lowering glucose, especially when compared to the majority of oral medications for type 2 diabetes (including metformin). What is the most recent treatment for diabetes? Segluromet. Steglatro. Tresiba. Basaglar and Toujeo. Basaglar and Toujeo are two … Read more

WIll My Baby Be Big If i Have Gestational Diabetes

What is the typical size of a newborn with gestational diabetes? By the 37th week of pregnancy, the average estimated weight of fetuses in the gestational diabetes group was around 6,7 pounds, compared to approximately 6.5 pounds in the normal glucose group. Can diabetes make your baby bigger? Uncontrolled diabetes causes the baby’s blood sugar … Read more

Why Do Diabetics Have Thick Toenails

Why do diabetics have thick nail beds? Frequently, diabetics have less blood supply to their feet, which may result in larger toenails or numbness. How can one eliminate thick toenails? A modest quantity of melted coconut oil applied to thick, yellow toenails may aid in their recovery. You may get antifungal nail lotions and ointments … Read more

Which Of The Following Statements Is True About Diabetes

What causes diabetes in reality? What causes diabetes type 1? The immune system, the body’s infection-fighting mechanism, targets and kills the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas, causing type 1 diabetes. Scientists believe that genes and environmental factors, such as viruses, are responsible for type 1 diabetes. Which of the following statements about type 1 … Read more

Awesome Diabetes Method!

I became diabetic about 15 years ago, and for almost 17 years i worked a rapid rotational shift, switching shifts from days to nights every few days. Before, my numbers were often averaging 180 and over. Since i’ve watched this diabetes method, my numbers are averaging 140-150. I now have the time and energy to exercise. This is a huge gain for me. Little steps for improvement. At my last physical, it was averaging 7. I do expect it to be lower this year. For those of you who struggle with being diabetic, i highly recommend this method. You have nothing to lose except lower A1C results!